About us


My name is Paul and I am the founder of MisKits, an innovative new brand of football teamwear, specifically designed for girls. Following the completion of a sports science degree I enjoyed a twenty year career as a PE teacher, coaching teams and individuals in a range of sports.  Currently, I am a volunteer coach at my local athletics club and at my 8 year old daughters football team.

One cold December evening before practice my daughter was close to tears at the prospect of wearing her football socks. Initially, I didn't understand what the problem was. They were just typical, bland, football socks. The same type of socks that I wore when playing football as a young boy. My daughter didn't like the feel or look of the socks and it was causing her so much distress that she didn't want to go to practice.  

I needed a quick solution so I told my daughter to wear her favourite long socks for practice.  She quickly changed and the smile on her face re-appeared. The spotty socks were applauded at practice by both the players and the parents and this forced me to analyse the kits that the girls were wearing.  I quickly realised that they were all wearing smaller versions of mens kits.  Many of the kits reminded me of kits that I wore over thirty years ago. This just wasn't good enough for my little girl!

Research carried out by Virgin Active found almost half of the girls surveyed enjoyed being active but hated their PE kit, with 48% of the girls admitting to using excuses to get out of PE lessons.

Our kits are designed to look and feel great, so that girls can play harder, and longer.  Accessories are also a key feature of the MisKits brand and all of our complementary accessories are designed to ensure high performance, comfort and style.  We want every girl to feel confident when they walk out onto the pitch. No more tears before practice, and no more small mens kits!!