Girls Kit Competition

Our design a kit competition has now closed and many congratulations to the two winners.  It was great to see so many wonderful designs and our top 10 designs are featured below. 

The top 4 designs were put to the public vote and it was too close to call between Sienna and Isabella's NHS @BuryFCBoysGirls design, and the stunning yellow star design by Abigail (@absalutetefooty13).  Therefore, we decided on two winners!

The support the NHS shirt caught the hearts of everyone as the stunning design transcends the world of football to send a key message in support of our fantastic key workers in the NHS.   

Abigail not only put a smile on everyones face with her wonderful design but she also went the extra mile to make an actual mock up of her shirt which was beautifully modelled by her little sister.  

We would also like to mention our 3rd and 4th place designs which were both from AC Hoylake Girls. We loved the stylish sash design of the red and white kit and also the fantastic image of the Hoylake lighthouse.  Therefore, we decided to mash up the two kits and the result is below in the fantastic colours of AC Hoylake girls. 

The two winning shirts have also been mocked up into 3D model designs to show how the shirts would really look. 

In collaboration with @BuryFCBoysGirls we decided to manufacture the NHS shirt with profits to be donated to the NHS. BBC North West showed the shirt on their twitter feed:



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