Bespoke is Best!

2019 has been a great year for girls football but can we make 2020 even better?
More females are playing football and the elite game is making great progress. However, I still read regular posts from grassroots teams searching for new players, and for every well tailored and stylish kit that I see I probably witness another four or five that resemble a 1970's men's kit.
In 2020 I want to urge all teams to consider a bespoke kit rather than an off the shelf branded kit. It may cost an extra £5 per kit but the following advantages are well worth it in my opinion:
  • Involving players in the design process can help to increase motivation and participation rates.
  • Increase comfort, confidence and performance with a bespoke choice of material, collar and fit.
  • There are psychological benefits from wearing a well fitted, stunning and stylish kit!
  • Creating a unique kit can help to strengthen your brand and boost your social media profile.
  • A unique kit can generate additional club funds through local, national and international sales channels. 
  • Use your kit to publicise your club ethos and history.  The featured kit was co-designed by two players at Girls United FA.  The design depicts both the history and ethos of the team. 
  • Players love unique kits and a bespoke kit can help strengthen a players sense of belonging to your team. 
We are currently working with a few teams who have made the decision to go bespoke for next season so watch out for some bold and beautiful kits in 2020!! 
Contact us for more details and follow us to see more great kits this year. 
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